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The Autentic Venetian Tasting Dinner

There's no better way to enjoy the real Venetian life than through food and wine.
Do not think about the usual courses, we are talking about the famous Venetian "cicchetti", which are delicious traditional dishes served with a tasty glass of wine!

Here is your chance to live this experience courtesy of Hotel Savoia & Jolanda, who is delighted to announce a new exclusive collaboration with TasteVenice. We would like to welcome you to join us on Thursday 17th August 2017 for “The Authentic Venetian Tasting Dinner”, a food & wine class held by TasteVenice's experts. The dinner starts at 7.30 pm in our Terrazza Codussi.

During the dinner you will get a genuine taste of the Venetian tradition as you will be able to sample 4 courses of the well-known “cicchetti”, which will be freshly prepared by our executive chefs.
The savor of every course will be matched with a proper Italian wine, whose scent will make you embark on a journey to the discovery of the history behind the wine and food while being guided by the sommeliers Daniela and Cecilia.

It will be a unique, interesting and informative experience designed for anyone who loves food and wine.
You will finally enjoy the Venetian lifestyle in the evocative setting of our Terrazza Codussi overlooking San Zaccaria church, located in our Jolanda wing.

The dinner is priced at € 60 per person.
A minimum number of attendees is required.

For reservations or further information please contact us at:

The Autentic Venetian Tasting Dinner - Download

The Autentic Venetian Tasting Dinner