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"Cicchetti" & Wine Tasting Experience

Have you ever wondered what Venetians actually eat and drink during happy hour?

Here is your chance to live this experience courtesy of Hotel Savoia & Jolanda, who is delighted to announce its new exclusive collaboration with TasteVenice. We would like to welcome you to join us on Thursday 22th June 2017 for “Cicchetti & Wine Tasting Experience”, from 6 to 7.30 pm in our Terrace Codussi, located in the Jolanda section. This event is designed to introduce you to the pairing of Italian wines with the traditional Venetian “cicchetti” by TasteVenice’s experts, Daniela and Cecilia.

During this degustation you will get a genuine taste of the Venetian tradition as you will be able to experience the real meaning of the famous “cicchetti”, which will be freshly prepared by the sommeliers Daniela and Cecilia. Food will not take the spotlight away from wine, which will be served alongside after an interactive explanation of the history behind our Italian wine’s selection.

It will be a unique, interesting and informative experience, designed for anyone who loves food and wine. You will finally enjoy the Venetian lifestyle in the evocative setting of our Terrace overlooking San Zaccaria church.

This degustation is priced at € 40 per person.

For reservations and further information please contact us at:

"Cicchetti" & Wine Tasting Experience - Download

"Cicchetti" & Wine Tasting Experience